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June 1, 2018
Vrije University research in kovald
Daily Business Life with Vrije University Students
April 2, 2019

Education is one of the institutes that we actively support. Besides offering digital education & training programs, we take part in researches.

In detail, this year European Study Research organized a business trip for 25 talented top students from University of Groningen to conduct a research in Athens. They visited several companies in order to collect the necessary information. Like this, they made a visit at our office. This year, their research concerns digitalization and IT, which splits into subcategories.

From our side, we offered students a presentation and a case study, and gained some information and opinions from other perspectives in return. The subcategory chosen for us was Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E). I&E is investigating the success of tech startups in Athens (Greece). While investigating this, students looked further into the usage of cloud computing and subsidies by the Greek government. Also, we touched on the topic of International Business, which investigates the attractiveness for foreign companies to settle in Athens and/or to invest in Athenian companies. Students mostly were focused on how this attractiveness is generated by digitalization. Factors they investigated were e-commerce and advanced IT knowledge.

We were pleased by this visit, full of useful information, and knowledge we exchanged.

Many people in our group have the dream to starting up their own company in the future and you really inspired them.

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