ProductHood Interview
ProductHood Interview with kovald’s CEO, Konstantinos Lamaj
June 16, 2020
Digital Impac Awards 2020 Shortlist
kovald being shortlisted in the Digital Impact Awards
September 14, 2020

Our partner, Toyo Tires, started the summer promo for all car owners!

Win a voucher up to 80€ from EKO to fill your car with high-quality petrol!

In detail, by getting 16 inches tires you win a 20€ voucher, and if you buy tires over 17 inches, you’ll receive an 80€ voucher. You can check out other details here.

Toyo Tires was founded in 1945. Now, it is world well-known company which develops, produces and sells high-quality, high performance tires. The variety of tires types is really huge, and everyone can find the best choice for their vehicle. Toyo Tires has its dealers all over the world, including Greece.

Tires are what make driving safer and more comfortable. So, if you are thinking about new purchase, search for Toyo dealers in your city to get a bonus. The promo will last until 15/08.