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kovald’s CEO as a keynote speaker in a Digital Marketing Workshop
June 2, 2022
Black Friday 2022
Black Friday 2022: All you need to know
October 25, 2022
Digital Marketing Workshop
kovald’s CEO as a keynote speaker in a Digital Marketing Workshop
June 2, 2022
Black Friday 2022
Black Friday 2022: All you need to know
October 25, 2022

Hello guys, long time no see. We know, it’s been a long time since we gave you something cool about digital marketing but here, we are with a fresh new blog to deliver some hot details about TikTok advertising.

TikTok has risen rapidly over the recent years, making the platform one of the most important digital marketing tools for a vast number of businesses worldwide. TikTok advertising is right now, the fastest way to increase your followers, improve your engagement rates and build a presence to the platform. The questions here are, firstly, what kind of campaigns could we use in Tik Tok advertising and secondly, how much does it cost? Don’t worry we got you covered, fastened your seatbelts because we are about to dive in the depths of TikTok ads.

Types of Tik Tok Advertising

Do you know what kind of advertising your company needs from TikTok? Good question, right? Is it branding? Do you want sales? We will help you out by presenting you all the types of TikTok advertising.

Tik Tok offers:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Conversion type campaigns for selling products or services
  • Increase your followers
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate views and interactions
  • Launch a new product

TikTok advertising could be categorized as In-Feed, Top View and Brand takeovers. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what these types are, we will analyze each one of them below.

In-Feed Advertising

These videos appear on a user’s For You section. Usually, they last between five minutes or sixty seconds compared to a regular TikTok video which could go up to ten minutes. This type of advertising suits best if you want to increase sales or any form of conversion since the videos could feature a call to action button.

Top View Advertising

Have you ever paid attention to the first video that appears in the For You section when you open the app? Well, if yes, this is your top view advertisement, if not, then pay closer attention. This type of TikTok video lasts up to 60 seconds and helps in drawing attention of the user. What does that mean in marketing words? Branding.

Brand Takeover Advertising

Brand takeovers are usually five second ad video, gif or even an image appearing in the first few seconds when you open your app. This type of advertising is the most expensive one as TikTok features only one brand per day.

TikTok advertising cost

Cost of Advertising (Stand alone or per category pricing)

Since we had a grasp of each type of TikTok advertising, lets jump inside the depths of costing. Take a deep breath because the cost will blow your mind.

Generally speaking, an entire campaign costs somewhere around $500, while daily campaign budget cannot be below $50. On the other hand, if you have an ad group level ad, the minimum daily budget is $20. If you prefer a lifetime budget for your ad group, then you just have to multiply $20 per the number of days you will run your advertisement.

If we want to know the cost per category, then we have:

In-Feed Advertising: The price here isn’t standard but an average estimation of cost starts from $10 per 1.000 impressions

Top-View Advertising: It depends on the specifics of each campaign but think of a cost of $65.000 for 7.4 million impressions

Brand Takeovers: Grab a shit because you might need it. The cost here could be up to $50.000 per day.






All in all, TikTok advertising is a vital solution since the platform is rising every day. There are three different types of ads that could help your company thrive and raise brand awareness. Important part is to identify which category suits your business the most. Once you find your main objective, then you will have to think about the cost. The good thing about TikTok is its evolution throughout the years. The bad thing is that the platform is expensive. Does it bring results? Maybe. But still, depending on your budget, it is an expensive platform.

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