TIA Interview with kovald CEO, Konstantinos Lamaj
February 2, 2018
University's of Groningen Research in Kovald
University’s of Groningen Research in Kovald
November 27, 2018

One day all businesses enter the digital environment to build their online shops and provide services in digital, so and Public wasn’t an exception, as they became a significant part of the huge online markets’ community. Now, the Public Marketplace offers a variety of products at reasonable prices, from different distributors.

The Marketplace began with an event to celebrate the successful start of the project. Kovald team was there to congratulate Public as well! We were grateful to be part of it in the sunny rooms in company of amiable colleagues.

The market community seems to grow instantly, providing to its customers the unique experience of online shopping. As digital marketing agency, we support any action that moves businesses to the internet. The decision to make the whole marketplace, aside from physical shop, is bold. Thus, it is clearly the step forward, as the audience of online shoppers grows rapidly, so the Public has the possibility to cover them all.

The start of the Marketplace has shown us the vectors of our own development as an agency. The Public’s success brought us to the point where we are ready to offer to our partners an entry ticket to the markets in order to expand their consumer base.

Overall, we gained more than expected, and are really satisfied with the final result of the event.