Grow with Google event
Grow with Google Event
April 11, 2019
StartUp Now Forum
October 24, 2019

The Project Future powered by Regeneration Academy in collaboration with Piraeus Bank offers programs for professional development in IT, marketing, sales and other fields that are high-demanded these days.

Originally, the Regeneration Academy started as a coding school, teaching young blood programming in Java and other language. Now, they expanded to the highly progressive program aggregator. After graduating, students strive to find a dream job with strong educational background, but no real experience. The Regeneration Academy closes that gap by boosting and releasing junior-level ex-students into wild city life.

Later, through the channels of Piraeus Bank, these programs passed to a new level. The Project Future audience consists of not only graduated students, but also professionals who want to become more efficient in their field.

Being part of it was a great experience. We were happy to be accessors of Project Future Vol2, and looking forward to be there again!