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July 21, 2020
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October 16, 2020

The Digital Impact Awards is Europe’s largest celebration of digital work in corporate communications.


The DIA takes place every year, giving a chance to every digital agency to showcase the results of their hard work and compete with other agencies. This year, we decided to join, bringing to light our achievements with our great partner, MELoh Style.

Let us tell you shortly the long story about what has been done.

As a digital agency, we focused on social media advertising to reach goals that we and our partner have set.

Our intents were built around inspiring and encouraging Greek women to love themselves. In short, MELoh Style designs products that the average woman would feel comfortable with, they disclose the inner female beauty by producing high-quality, great-looking and well-fitting clothes.

We shaped our strategy around their philosophy, attracting new audience that could see the real women as models, and how outfits looked on their forms, different from one another. We showed to our audience that the fashion industry can be friendly to the average woman with curves, reducing any level of insecurity.

As a result of the overall campaign, we noticed the rapid increase in sales. We reduced the AdSpent as it was set in our goal list, and achieved everything we have planned. The implemented strategy worked well, leading our campaigns and our partner to success.

And the outcome of our overall work was not only the MELoh’s success, but the reason why we are here today, telling you about our job.

We are shortlisted!

As the Digital Impact Awards hasn’t ended for now, more news are about to come soon. Stay tuned!