Marketing Trends 2022
Marketing Trends 2022: How to be ahead of competition this year
February 7, 2022
Agency of the year 2021
kovald is on the top digital marketing agencies in Greece !
April 15, 2022
Marketing Trends 2022
Marketing Trends 2022: How to be ahead of competition this year
February 7, 2022
Agency of the year 2021
kovald is on the top digital marketing agencies in Greece !
April 15, 2022

kovald’s brand new blog is here and it’s fresh!!!


As we are almost done with the first quarter of the year, we slowly get a grasp of what will happen in the marketing world in 2022. Privacy factors are already a thing started from ad blockers, continued with iOS 14 and followed by many browsers like safari and Firefox. Soon, Google chrome will disable tracking in its web browsers too.

It’s totally understandable that most of the users online want to browse undistracted by ads or being monitored all times, hence the rise of ad blocking. How do these changes affect a marketer? What does it mean for a normal user?

Welcome to kovald’s new blogpost where we will discover together how to survive the ad blocking world as a digital marketer in 2022.


ad blocker


What is happening and why?


It all started in April 2021 when Apple introduced a pop up window asking its users if they wanted to be tracked by third party apps. If a user chose not to be tracked, then he couldn’t be targeted by marketing attempts.

People’s personal data is on the frontline as platforms are searching ways to work around this new reality. If we go down memory lane, we will see that almost two decades ago, internet drove marketing into a whole new era, an era of personalization showing ads tailored specifically into users’ needs. Facebook, Twitter and Google got advantage of the situation, introducing their advertising platforms by tracking consumers with “cookies”.

Now, the game is slowly changing, all companies are trying to provide ads without the need of accessing personal information.  How is that possible? Could we still provide relevant ads without knowing what online users need? No one really has an answer yet, however the big heads of the marketing world are trying hard to solve this puzzle.


surviving the ad blocking world

Survival Techniques


How to survive in the digital world right now? Here is your survival kit for 2022 (so far).


Relevance instead of need

As ad blockers continue to expand and their algorithm becomes smarter each day, digital marketers should focus on targeting the right audience using relevance instead of reach or impressions.


Be creative with your advertising methods

We know as a fact that ad blockers minimize the number of eyes that could see our ads. What if we shift our focus into different methods? What if we turn our attention on the creative aspect of an ad, instead of the actual targeting technique? If we cannot target the right people, we need to make our ads more appealing.


Original content and Influencers

Content and Influencers are two terms perfectly combined together. Influencer marketing will increase in 2022. As ad blockers stopping us from targeting the right audience, influencers are another ace of spades coming from our sleeve to use whenever possible.


Have you heard of Native advertising?

There is a whole chapter on how native digital marketing strategy can affect results, especially when PPC data could be in compromise with ad blockers.

What is native advertising and who are the digital natives in order to advertise your product or service to them effectively?

Digital natives are the people who grew up in the digital age and are familiar with all the new technological advances and social media changes. Native advertising is a form of ads that are familiar to the digital natives. Biggest case study is Google. Creating content for each platform in order to look familiar to the user spending time there, is a trick that could skyrocket traffic and therefore sales.

In simple words, for example, creating content following Facebook’s or Google’s guidelines is what we are looking for here.


Have you thought of advertising on an app?

There are studies shown how app advertising is really effective. Ad blockers stay on browser level, meaning apps are free to exploit. Consider advertising on game apps as well. We have all experiences video ads that we should or must watch in order to continue playing or getting a reward. In app advertising is the new deal.



Being nervous of changes? Completely understandable, we all are sometimes. The most important thing is to work our way around the problem and be creative and relevant. There are ways to fight the ad blocking world and today we have presented just five of the many opportunities for online advertising.

If I had to choose a survival technique, I would go for in app advertising. It’s a whole new planet where ad blocking system is not yet a thing. In app advertising and relevancy are the key factors for driving the best results.

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