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April 2, 2019
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April 11, 2019

We took part in “Grow with Google”, and that’s what we experienced…

“Grow with Google” represents a list of programs for businesses and individuals who wish to expand their possibilities and find new career solutions. Moreover, the spectre of programs also covers the digital creators, teachers, nonprofit and cultural organizations.

We are a part of Google Partner program for many years. That’s why we joined the one of “Grow with Google” programs as well. So, our team attended the private “Google sales masterclass” that offered us a wide range of new trends, new features and new technologies.

The program took us 6 months saturated with knowledge in a variety of fields applicable to business development: sales, human resources, business analytics, finance and time management. The workshops significantly improved the social and teamwork skills. Generally, the program helped us to understand better the way business works overall, and to improve our own strategies. Besides new experiences, we acquired new acquaintances and pleasant memories.

The event was originated by Mr. Spiros Milonas, Greek consultant entrepreneur, special thanks to him!

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