Future workplace: Which model is best for your agency?

December 14, 2022
Black Friday 2022
Black Friday 2022: All you need to know
October 25, 2022

Our CEO Konstantinos Lamaj actively participated in Future Workplace, a survey conducted by Top Interactive Agencies.

TIA focuses on bringing together professional and passionate creatives from a diverse range of backgrounds.

TIA gathered people from all over the world to talk about what is the best workplace environment. Konstantinos was one of them as he argued that in every job there are dangers lurking as well as many challenges.

In many industries, creative agencies found themselves with the need to abandon in-office work and change towards fully remote. Hybrid pioneers were perfectly prepared for the move. Some decided to return to the office, others continued 100% remote and others chose to implement a hybrid model.

Konstantinos presented some tips on working remotely. In particular, he said that remote working can be a win-win situation for a company. Video conferencing is better than just an audio call—this way, you can engage more effectively with your colleagues, interpreting their facial expressions and body language to build a sense of community and familiarity. Read the full article here.

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