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October 24, 2019
Top Agency in Design Strategy kovald
Top Agency in Design Strategy
November 26, 2019

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Expo Greece

ECommerce & Digital Marketing Expo takes places in Greece three years in a row, addressing the need in getting more efficient and competitive in the digital space. The exhibition serves the growing interest in business events for the eCommerce and digital marketing. Moreover, it provides space for the business dialogue.

From the one side, there are businesses that come to show themselves. From the other, there are eCommerce owners and executives, digital marketers and retailers, who desire to get to know more about digital markets.

Besides the exhibition, the ECDM Expo also organizes a whole conference with a long list of topics. Greek and international speakers talk about digital marketing, online commerce platforms, shipments & logistics, and digital payments. The conference is must to visit for everyone: eCommerce executives and business owners.

Kovald team couldn’t ignore the exhibition and miss the possibility to get new knowledge and meet new people. So, we had a great time!

Also, the exhibition will come in Thessaloniki, in 2021, to meet the Nothern Greece businesses and audiences!