kovald at HORECA Expo 2020
Beyond Meat at HORECA Expo
February 10, 2020
ProductHood Interview
ProductHood Interview with kovald’s CEO, Konstantinos Lamaj
June 16, 2020

Sudden changes in our lives due to pandemic forced us to stay home as much as possible. It caused many big and small businesses to close or lose the big amount of income. But the people are those who suffer the most these hard days. For this reason, the whole world entered into digital to support each other from distance.

Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance announced the start of Digital Solidarity program. The last tendences showed that people in general have more time for self-education. Like this, the program intends to support everyone who desires to develop their skills during the lockdown. Companies who want to take part in Digital Solidarity can apply their educational courses offer on the program’s website.

We joined the movement as well. From now on and for 3 months, we’re going to educate entrepreneurs and employees on Digital Marketing for free, based on their needs and evaluate their Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube and Mailchimp campaigns each week. If that interests you, you can send us your contact information at [email protected] (subject: “Digital Solidarity”) and we will get back to you shortly, informing you about the next steps.